This modern library, located in the city of Alexandria, is made up of two parts: the library and the planetarium. The floors of this structure were coated with the Jotafloor PU Topcoat giving it excellent chemical, abrasion, and impact resistance. What’s more, being specially designed for areas exposed to direct sunlight, it also gives the floors unmatched gloss and colour stability. The interior walls were painted in Fenomastic Pure Colours giving them an attractive finish with a subtle level of character. Its smooth finish, and good flow and leveling, easily hides background substrate with minimum coats while being environmentally friendly.

With its selection of longer lasting colours, Jotashield ColourLast was the paint of choice for the exterior. Its concrete protection and anti-carbonation features reduce the requirement for maintenance by providing a longer life cycle.

Fenomastic Pure Colours

Good quality emulsion paint that comes in a matt or semi-gloss finish

Jotashield ColourLast

Premium quality exterior paint

Jotafloor PU Topcoat

When you need to protect floors from UV rays and chemicals, Jotafloor PU Topcoat is the coating you choose