Our aim is to help you maintain high quality standards from the project vision to execution.

Selecting the best products is not enough to ensure long lasting performance of the paint. It is equally important to conduct the right surface preparation and employ the correct application practices.

Our team of qualified and experienced Technical Advisors is ready to assist you to ensure that the right quality is achieved at painting sites and that the project specifications as well as Jotun standards are followed strictly.

We have a range of technical support activities and processes designed to guarantee quality from product specification to application on site.

  • Preparation and submission of board and site/mock up samples
  • Assistance in selecting right products and systems
  • Site inspection at various stages like
    • Inspection prior to application
    • Inspection of substrate conditions
    • Inspection of surface preparation
    • Inspection during application
  • Monitoring climatic conditions during application
  • Monitoring of paint application
  • Inspection after application
  • Inspection of dried/cured film
  • Monitoring of curing conditions after application
  • Conduct various quality control testing activities at site like adhesion test, dryness test, soundness test etc.
  • Organizing third party test certificates
  • Training painters and supervisors on right surface preparation and painting methods
  • Trouble shooting and advising on specific site issues

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