Jotun provides assistance in material approval, which makes the job of the main contractor and the paint contractor easier when getting the same from the concerned authorities. The below assistance is provided by our sales/technical team.

The main areas of assistance in material approval are:

1. Assistance in preparing technical submittals, which includes
    a. Providing technical data sheets
    b. Preparing compliance statements
    c. Submitting application method statements
    d. Submitting independent tests certificates
    e. Attending clarification meeting with consultants/clients

2. Assistance in sample approval, which includes
    a. Preparation and submission of board samples
    b. Preparation of site/mock up samples
    c. Colour matching and provision of colour samples

3. Organising qualification tests on mock up samples like adhesion test, thickness check etc.

The above assistance is provided by our sales/technical team.