Product Description

An ultra-premium powder coating, Jotun Durasol is designed to offer ultimate durability and timeless protection

Engineered to withstand the intensity of UV light, soaring temperatures, various levels of humidity, dirt pick up and other environmental challenges, Jotun Durasol meets the highest industry standards to provide you with a long-lasting coating solution.
High level of abrasion and scratch resistance makes Jotun Durasol particularly suitable for public areas such as airports, commercial complexes, shopping malls and hospitals. It also makes the product capable of withstanding handling and mounting strains and provides excellent protection during transportation.

Jotun Durasol 4003
Technical datasheet (United Kingdom/English)
Jotun Durasol 4003 (K002)
Safety datasheet (United Arab Emirates/English)

Jotun Durasol