Jotun is a world leader in coatings with high end production whether it’s for public buildings or infrastructure builds all across the continents and has the ability to match it with a product range that meets the demands and expectations for protection and decoration of the most complex building projects. Let your build speak for itself with it’s own charm, structure, uniqueness but also colour presentation. Jotun knows that there is such a diverse selection no matter how big or small your project is. Get the best results and solutions for your project with Jotun products that is a world leader through its experience, knowledge and high quality innovations of paint that is world class that can only be found through Jotun.

Product and service highlights:

  • Coatings for the long term corrosion protection of steel
  • Anticorrosion coatings for concrete
  • Powder coatings for rebar and Facades
  • Passive fire protection for Structural steel
  • Green compliant coatings
  • Floor coatings
  • Simplified supply chain
  • Proven specialist products with long track records
  • Multi skilled qualified technical support
  • Global experience with local knowledge

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Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Come alive with rich and majestic colours for your home

Majestic True Beauty Sheen

There's elegance, beauty and a touch of luxury with the finish

Majestic True Beauty Matt

Bring inspiration with an array of rich and beautiful colours

Majestic Primer

Provide the ultimate protection with brilliant paint results

Majestic Supreme Finish

A beautiful home through the finer details

Majestic Primer for Wood and Trims

Accentuates the gorgeous colour and lifespan

Jotashield AntiFade Colours

For a vibrant home with lasting beautiful colours

Jotashield Flex

An elastomeric paint that covers crack on walls and prevent water seepage

Jotashield Colour Extreme

The best exterior paint for longest lasting colours and toughest protection

Jotashield Primer

For a solid foundation that provides the best protection

Jotun Ultra Primer

For that ultra perfect finish for your colour

Jotun Cito Primer 09

For any solution or surface to give the best results