For Jotun, the job is more than supplying paints and coatings — it is about working with all stakeholders to ensure the success of the project. Hear what our clients have to say about us.

Majestic Perfect Beauty & Care

Come alive with rich and majestic colours for your home

Majestic True Beauty Sheen

There's elegance, beauty and a touch of luxury with the finish

Majestic True Beauty Matt

Bring inspiration with an array of rich and beautiful colours

Majestic Primer

Provide the ultimate protection with brilliant paint results

Majestic Supreme Finish

A beautiful home through the finer details

Majestic Primer for Wood and Trims

Accentuates the gorgeous colour and lifespan

Jotashield AntiFade Colours

For a vibrant home with lasting beautiful colours

Jotashield Flex

An elastomeric paint that covers crack on walls and prevent water seepage

Jotashield Colour Extreme

The best exterior paint for longest lasting colours and toughest protection

Jotashield Primer

For a solid foundation that provides the best protection

Jotun Ultra Primer

For that ultra perfect finish for your colour

Jotun Cito Primer 09

For any solution or surface to give the best results

The Architectural Trends Collection

A range of powder coatings inspired by five key industry movements that add light and shade to help highlight focal points, evoke emotion and add texture to your designs. Discover the trends shaping the future of architecture

The Woodspiration Collection

The Woodspiration Collection brings out the aesthetics of real wood to aluminium and steel-based surfaces without sacrificing strength and durability

The Aurora Collection

The Aurora Collection provides a rich organic and luxurious finesse to modern-day structures

The Cool Shades Collection

The Cool Shades Collection offers an innovative and sustainable way to reduce temperatures and energy consumption

The Sahara Collection

The Sahara Collection brings a touch of glamour and life to projects with a high performance powder coating finish

Jotun Durasol

An ultra-premium powder coating, Jotun Durasol is designed to offer ultimate durability and timeless protection

Jotun Super Durable

Friendly on design and tough on protection, Jotun Super Durable is the ideal product for sustainable architectural projects

Jotun Facade

Jotun Facade is designed to deliver the optimal combination of corrosion protection and decorative choices.


Primax is a sustainable solution to protection of steel against corrosion.

Jotaguard RB

Jotaguard RB is an advanced product that provides ultimate protection for the long-term stability of buildings and infrastructure

Jotafloor PU Crete

Tough hygienic floor protection

Jotafloor EP SL Uni

Ease, Beauty and Strength

Jotafloor Topcoat E

Beauty meets versatility

Jotafloor EP Glass Flake

Excellent protection from wear and tear

Jotafloor EP Coating

Now with greater durability and easier application

Jotafloor PU Topcoat

Optimum protection and beautiful floor over time

Jotafloor Moisture Guard

Superior moisture barrier for greater durability

Jotafloor Topcoat

Versatile floor coating at your need

Jotafloor Screed

Toughest floor at work

Jotafloor Rapid Dry

A wide range of colours for floors that stay protected while looking good