Product Description

Jotun Super Durable, is our superior range of single-coat powder coatings that is not only friendly on design but tough on protection for sustainable architectural projects.

Jotun Super Durable was created to achieve both decorative and protective needs. With a variety of finishes, colours and special collections, Jotun Super Durable allows you to realise your boldest ideas. Specially formulated to endure the test of time, Jotun Super Durable is well suited to withstand harsh levels of UV radiation, inconsistent degrees of humidity, temperature variations and other severe weather conditions.

Unlike liquid systems, this product does not contain any harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) providing you with a greener and more environmentally friendly option.

Whether you’re looking for scratch and abrasion resistance or withstanding mounting and handling strains during transportation, Jotun Super Durable offers you peace of mind for your most treasured projects. No wonder it has been used to coat many iconic landmarks around the world. Other benefits include:

  • Resistant to severe weather conditions backed by a 25-year product performance guarantee*
  • Design friendly with great aesthetic appeal
  • Environment-friendly solution for your sustainable projects
  • Lower energy consumption can be achieved with The Cool Shades Collection

*Available upon request

The Aurora Collection - ALLURE

The Aurora Collection - HYPNOTIC

The Aurora Collection - LUMINA

The Aurora Collection - LUSTRE

The Aurora Collection - MAGNA

The Aurora Collection - MERCURIAL

The Aurora Collection - MIRAGE

The Aurora Collection - SAPPHIRIC

The Aurora Collection - SHIMMER

The Aurora Collection - STARDUST

The Aurora Collection - SUNLIT

The Sahara Collection - Crest

The Sahara Collection - Crust

The Sahara Collection - Curve

The Sahara Collection - Dune

The Sahara Collection - Edge

The Sahara Collection - Ore

The Sahara Collection - Outline

The Sahara Collection - Profile

The Sahara Collection - Ridge

The Sahara Collection - Ripple

The Sahara Collection - Shadow

The Sahara Collection - Shell

The Sahara Collection - Soil

The Sahara Collection - Source

The Sahara Collection - Strata

The Sahara Collection - Swell

Jotun Super Durable 2901
Technical datasheet (United Kingdom/English)
Jotun Super Durable 2901 (E015)
Safety datasheet (United Arab Emirates/English)
Jotun Super Durable 2903
Technical datasheet (United Kingdom/English)
Jotun Super Durable 2903 (E006)
Safety datasheet (United Arab Emirates/English)

Jotun Super Durable Brochure

Jotun Super Durable is a part of Jotun’s Green Building Solutions, a set of hand-picked low VOC/green building products ranging from decorative paints and architectural powder coatings to fireproofing, flooring and protective coatings. These products have been independently tested and deemed compliant to the most stringent green building rating systems like LEED or BREEAM.

Jotun has the paint and coating market’s easiest solution to design, specify, beautify and protect green buildings.

Learn how easy Jotun’s paints and coatings can contribute to green building points and see a complete list of Jotun’s Green Building products here.